Project Race

Project Race

This project aims to develop a high performance FPV RC quadcopter with exceptional agility in a small chassis.

It is intended for exploration, professional racing, and hobbyists.

The chassis is constructed from carbon fiber sheets & tubes, similar to the high performance Talon quadcopter.

A large dihedral angle will be used in the pitch axis.

This angle will be optimised for the high average forward velocity of the quadcopter's intended applications.

This will improve efficiency in forward flight.

A later version of the Race Quad may have asymmetric propulsion incorporated as developed in Project T.

If this is the case, the front propulsion will have slower rotating motors with larger hummingbird style bi-blade propellers optimised for maintaining altitude, the back propulsion will have faster rotating motors with smaller more aggressively pitched tri-blade propellers optimised for high velocity forward flight.