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Master of Science in Space Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications


Completed MSc

October 1, 2015

Space Engineering || 2:1 (GPA approx. 3.6) || Space Dynamics and Missions | Space Systems Design | Advanced Guidance, Navigation & Control | Launch Vehicles & Propulsion | Space Avionics | Space Environment & Protection | Space Robotics & Autonomy | Spacecraft Structures & Mechanisms | Project – Earth Demonstrator for Martian Aerobot

Completed BEng

August 1, 2014

Electronic and Communications Engineering 2:2 (GPA approx. 3)

Completed A levels

August 1, 2010

Geography Electronics Physics

Completed GCSEs

August 1, 2008

12 GCSEs including A* in Electronics, 6 A’s including Maths and Physics. Award for outstanding achievement in technology.


More about me:

I am a citizen of the USA & UK

I am a competitive athlete that plays many sports

I've played racket sports such as Tennis & Table Tennis for 20 years

At university I have played league matches in teams for Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis

I have also been Team Captain & Club President for Table Tennis

I'm also a keen chess player, LiChess is a great website which I've embedded below